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General goods: Avitus- owner of the Stuffed Owl trading post. A smooth talking salesman, always trying to convince people to buy stuff they don't need, such as “ancient” maps and copies of the Luscious Maiden Adventurer's Handbook. He will buy most things at standard ½ value, but will not spend more than 4,000gp on any one item. Most general goods up to 100gpv can be found here. He usually has a few more expensive curios for sale as well, some find from the under city or import from Berseem.

Dwarven goods: Nadja Wegscheider- a pretty dwarven lass, operates the local Holderhelm Dwarven trading post for her uncle Theophilus. They deal in high quality goods, silverware and a small selection of masterwork weapons. She will only purchase items worth at least 500gp, and wont spend more than 8,000gp on any one item. She will take orders for dwarven crafts (paid upfront), including items made from mithral, but it takes 2-4 months for the item to be delivered. Nadja is a competent craftswoman herself and able to affect repairs on any goods she sells, though she does not craft anything herself.

Alchemy: Amelia and Katie Hawes- strikingly attractive twin sisters, proprietors of the Honey Pot. Pleasant, good natured sweethearts, the sisters are well liked and trusted for their advice, discretion and skill at brewing curatives. They sell alchemical items, reagents, cosmetics, perfumes, and some potions. They do not sell drugs or poisons and are very upset by solicitations for such things. They question anyone wanting to purchase dangerous substances (such as acid or alchemists fire), only selling them if assured nobody will be hurt by their use. They can make the following potions: bull's strength, cat's grace, cure light, cure moderate, endure elements, invisibility, jump, lesser restoration, spider climb, youthful appearance. Elixirs of hiding, swimming, tumbling, vision and nightdrops. It takes them an hour to brew a potion or elixir.

Blacksmithing: Gunter- Uthu tribesman who married a Philian woman and settled in Hikory a decade ago. Skilled blacksmith, weapon and armor craftsman. He stocks many common tools as well as a small selection of hunting weapons (short bows, daggers, spears). Any other weapons or armor he will make to order, no questions asked (standard prices). It takes Gunter half a day to craft a normal weapon, a day for a cold iron weapon, a week for a masterwork weapon. A day for light armor, 3 days for medium armor, a week for heavy armor or any masterwork armor. Two days to silver a weapon. He will also craft items made of more exotic materials if the materials are suplied for him.

Gnomish wares: Vico- a merchant who carries goods from the gnomes in to town. He has a small shop from which he sells a variety of gnome crafted goods including fine quality shoes and jewelry. The shoes in the store are mainly for display, Vico will take measurements and orders for shoes and other items. Turn around times vary as he only makes the trip to the gnomes once a month. He carries a few pieces of magical jewelry and footwear, which are popular among the ladies of Hikory (most of these shoes are of the high heeled variety).

Magic: The Tower of Sorcery does not generally sell magic items or wares, but it does have a standing bounty on any magical items found. They will purchase any magic items at the standard ½ value.

Divine Magic: Deacon Claudius- Elderly Cyonian man, priest of Tor, heads the local temple of the Pantheon. For a donation, the priests of the temple can cast any divine spell up to 6th level (though one may have to wait for the following day for the priests to pray for the spell). The temple also sells cleric scrolls and potions for standard prices. Edgar Landry, the priest of Namaas who oversees the graveyard outside town, also sells scrolls and spellcasting services up to 3rd level. It takes him one day to make any cleric scroll of level 1-3.

Other Services: There are numerous inns, taverns, brothels, drug dens, gambling parlors, street peddlers, fortune tellers, all manner of craftsmen and laborers for hire in town. There is even a small slave market dockside, though few in Hikory keep slaves. Smugglers and fences are numerous in town, though they buy and sell at poor prices (generally paying only 25% value to buy and selling at 125% value). The black market is open daily in the well-known "secret" underground hall beneath Boudon square, where all manner of illicit goods exchange hands.

Hirelings: Mercenaries, outlaws and pirates abound in Hikory, many of whom are happy to hire themselves out for coin. Sorceresses from the tower are known to hire themselves out at high prices, for those who can afford it.



horn of fog
feather token fan
corset of delicate moves
deathwatch eyes
 protection from good
 fox's cunning


+1 balanced padded armor
+3 heavy steel shield
+1 slick full plate
buccaneer's breastplate
+1 ghost touch spear
+1 dwarven longhammer
+1 cold iron rapier


shoes of the firewalker
sandals of quick reaction
winged boots
boots of the cat
ring of counterspells
swarmbane clasp


6 holy water
3 remove disease
gentle repose
air walk
5 bless


fortifying stone
campfire bead
2 nightdrops
honeytongue elixir
7 cure light
cure moderate
2 lesser restoration
delay poison
gaseous form