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A Brief Guide to the World of Tylon

 Tylon is a fantasy world that I built over many years of gaming with my friends. It has grown and changed with each new story added to its history. Most of the fantasy themed artwork that I draw is inspired by, and grew out of this world. Fantasy to me has always been about unfettered fun. It's about unrealistic larger than life adventure with plenty of humor, silliness, and cheesecake. It's about relaxing, losing your inhibitions, embracing your inner child, and just having a good time. Leave your worries at home and take your gritty, angsty anti-heroes somewhere else. 

 In a universe, not far distant from our own, a planet orbits a star, much like ours. This planet is filled with all manner of bizarre and ferocious beasts, peoples and magic. Lords and ladies rule over feudal kingdoms from majestic castles and palaces. Knights in shining armor and brave soldiers armed with spear and bow protect their homes from greedy neighbors and the untamed wilds beyond civilization. For monsters lurk in the wilderness, waiting to gobble up hapless folk. Bestial armies gather under the banners of evil warlords to overrun peaceful villages. Kobolds creep into homes to snatch away children in the night. Giants rule the mountains and walking corpses guard ancient tombs. Normal folk huddle in the safety of their civilizations, telling tales of the great heroes that dare venture beyond the walls and confront the things that bump in the night.

 Many a brave soul has struck out on their own, or with a band of merry friends, in search of adventure. While there are as many reasons to become an adventurer as there are adventurers, to be an adventurer means to be abnormal. A normal person would learn a trade, marry and settle down with a family. An adventurer turns their back on social expectations to forge their own path. Would be adventurers are often a shady lot, looked down upon by decent folk as the troublemakers they are. Those that make names for themselves for their good deeds have their stories written down by the bards and sung through the ages as the great heroes of the world. Welcome to Noam's world. Welcome to Tylon.


LN. King of the Gods
The Uplifter

Head of the pantheon, husband of Mnya. Patron of nobility, justice, glory, honor, righteous war and order. Temples to Tor can be found throughout most of Tylon and tend to be larger and more grandiose than all others, as befits his station as king of the gods. Priests of the Uplifter are frequently important political figures in their communities.
Favored weapon: longsword
Domains: Glory, law, nobility, strength, war.

LG. Keeper of the Gates
The Builder

Brother to Tor. Patron of dwarves, smiths and craftsmen. Simple stone shrines to the Keeper are found in every center of craft, mines and dwarven homes. Temples to Barsalyntis always feature stone statuary including a massive central effigy of the Builder. Clergy are usually talented craftsmen themselves. It is common practice in communities with a priest of Barsalyntis to have the cornerstone of the building blessed by them and inscribed with holy scripture.  
Favored weapon: warhammer
Domains: artifice, law, good, earth, rune.

NG. Queen of the Gods

Wife of Tor. Patron of the farmers and healers. Goddess of fertility, shelterer of the downtrodden, healer of the sick, protector of the innocent. Temples and shrines to Mnya are common throughout civilized lands. If a peasant family has a shrine in their home, it is most likely to her.
Favored weapon: heavy flail
Domains: Good, healing, protection, community, plant.

CN. Raigor the Stormbringer
Lord of the sea and the storm 

Son of Tor and Mnya. Patron of the sea. Sailors often make sacrifices at his shrine to pray for safe passage and return. Raigor is worshiped by many tribes of chaotic humanoids (like orcs, gnolls and giants) and by Saradian raiders who sing songs and make offerings to the sea to bless their expeditions.
Favored weapon: trident
Domains: chaos, weather, water, air, travel.

CG. The Divine Poet

Patron of the Elves, he teaches self reliance, vigilance and appreciation of beauty. Revered almost exclusively by elves, though sometimes poets and artists pray to him for inspiration.
Favored weapon: longsword
Domains: chaos, good, protection, war, nobility.

NE. The Horseman
The Destroyer

 Lord of disease and misfortune. Shrines are found in places of healing to ward off sickness. Priests of the Destroyer range from healers to psychopaths. They traditionally dress in black robes and hide their faces behind masks resembling a crows head. Some dedicate themselves to sheltering others from the wrath of the Horseman. These priests are often found at outbreaks, tending to the sick. Other priests, however, dedicate themselves to the spreading of disease and misery, so the arrival of a crow priest is met with much trepidation.
Favored weapon: Scythe
Domains: death, evil, destruction, repose, healing.

CN. The Silvered One

Patron of halflings, fortune and chance. There are no dedicated temples to Elendor, though roadside shrines are common. Priests of the Silvered One never stay in one place for long, always traveling. They often keep their worship hidden as priests of Elendor are known to cause trouble wherever they go.
Favored weapon: rapier
Domains: Chaos, luck, travel, trickery, liberation.

NG. The Gnome Father

Patron of gnomes, humor, wit, art and family. Among gnomes he has no formal church or religion, worshiping Goidan is a personal affair. Most humans only venerate him once a year on the Day of Mischief, a joyous festival involving joke contests and the consumption of copious amounts of pie.
Favored weapon: heavy pick
Domains: good, community, charm, artifice, trickery.

CG. The river goddess

Patron of lovers, artists, poets and gnomes. Worship of Phoebe usually involves swimming nude in a natural body of water. She is a favorite subject of painters and sculptors; many a home is decorated with artwork featuring the river goddess. 
Favored weapon: spear
Domains: Chaos, good, healing, water, charm.

CE. The Nameless One 

Once the most feared and powerful entity in the cosmos, he was betrayed by Namaaas to his downfall at the hands of a band of mortal heroes. Now he is a shadow of his former self, god of vengeance and patron of murderers. Superstitious folk never say his name aloud for fear of attracting bad luck. He is worshiped only by the most depraved dark cults, assassins, and monsters.
Favored weapon: morning star
Domains: chaos, evil, death, darkness, destruction.

CN. The Great Maw.
The Flame of Oblivion. Goddess of Fire. Passion.

She is a mysterious force of chaos worshiped by orcs and other savage humanoids. She existed before all things and is the mother of creation, she sleeps in the great beyond. The savage races that worship her believe she supports their right to dominance and the superiority of their kind.
Favorite weapon: greataxe
Domains: chaos, war, strength, fire.

N. The Sleeper. Reason.

An ancient enigma venerated only by secret cults, he existed before all things and is the father of creation. Said to be older than even the Gods, the Lord of Magic sleeps in the great beyond. He alone holds the secrets of creation and life.
Favored weapon: dagger
Domains: magic, knowledge, trickery, madness, void.

LG. The First Dragon

 Son of Mnya and twin brother to Ahtarone. He is said to reside in a flying citadel that can be seen in the sky above The City in the Mountain. A little known god, he has no known organized religious following.
Favored weapon: longsword
Domains: Law, good, air, fire, scalykind

CE.  The Second Dragon

Son of Mnya and twin brother to Mypherone. He is said to reside deep beneath the earth and that lava is his breath. A little known god, only a highly secretive cult pays him homage.
Favored weapon: battleaxe
Domains: chaos, evil, earth, fire, scalykind.

LG. The Blinding Light

One of the faces of Taiia, the Thousand Eyed God. Patron of Tuscany. Those who can hear the voice of Helen are known as Elders and shave their heads as a sign of their devotion. An Elder of Helen is expected to wander the land for three years on holy pilgrimage before returning to their Maharaja who assigns the elder their lifelong duty, usually as an administrative official in their cities government.
Favored weapon: flail
Domains: Law, magic, sun, knowledge, good.

LE. The Watcher

One of the faces of Taiia, the Thousand Eyed God. Patron of Tuscany. Those who can hear the voice of Masokees are known as Masters. They hide their faces behind golden masks as a sign of their devotion. The Masters of Masokees serve as officers in the Maharaja's army.
Favored weapon: sickle
Domains: Law, magic, sun, knowledge, evil.

N. The Wanderer

Elevated to godhood for his part in bringing down Na'akruul. He is venerated by some druids and a strange sect of monks who follow The Doctrines of Nature. Worship of Shaggy usually involves imbibing natural hallucinogens, especially mushrooms. Priests who venerate Shaggy are often mistook as wandering bums.
Favored weapon: quarterstaff
Domains: plant, animal, travel, luck, madness.

NE. The Queen of Darkness 

The Spider is a mantle that has been held by many handed down throughout time. She is the god of the underderground realms and patron to the White Elves. Worship of her is largely unheard of among the surface races.
Favored weapon: natural attacks, unarmed strike
Domains: Evil, knowledge, magic, darkness, trickery.

CN. Lord of the Dance

A minor hedonistic god(dess) of pleasure and self indulgence. Commonly portrayed as male or female. She is venerated in elven lands, though few worship her besides fey and some bards. Her few adherents are more akin to traveling circuses than holy pilgrims. They wander the land, bringing the party wherever they go.
Favored weapon: rapier
Domains: chaos, travel, charm, luck

NG. The Great Mother

Protector of the wild places. Patron of the Blazing Woods. She is venerated by druids, lizardmen and other tribal humanoids.
Favored weapon: spear
Domains: good, plant, animal, earth, sun.

LG. Savior of Humanity

The once human leader of the Brotherhood. His followers seek to bring about a utopia for all humanity, the abolition of witchcraft and the casting off of the gods. His followers are often zealous and uncompromising in spreading the teachings of Luther. Exclusively worshiped by humans, the church of Luther sponsors many militant branches of witch hunters and templar.
Favored weapon: bastard sword
Domains: Law, good, war, liberation, glory.

CN. Lord of the Northern Wastes

The King of the Titans is a primal force, said by some to rule over the elemental plane of earth. Worshiped mainly by giants, but also revered by some druids and wild men. Few outside the Northern Wastes have even heard his name.
Favored weapon: maul
Domains: chaos, earth, air, fire, weather

The Yogs
CN. The Great Old Ones

Ancient unfathomable amorphous entities from beyond time and space. There are three Yogs that are worshiped by different cults:
Yog Fanok sower of terror and madness, it's inconceivable nature warps minds and bodies.
Yog Pakoth consumer and destroyer of all things.
Yog Shubta explorer and collector of people, creatures, or parts of, for reasons unfathomable.
Yog cults are usually dedicated to only one of the three Yogs though the occasional exceptionally mad cult venerates all three.
Favored weapon: athame (dagger)
Domains: madness, destruction, void, and chaos. 

Languages of Tylon

Human the language of humans and the most spoken tongue in Tylon, many non-humans learn the human tongue for trade and diplomacy.

Elven most elves living among humans speak human, though elven is still used in independent elven communities and the kingdoms of Rivenshine and Ravenwood. It is also the most commonly spoken language in the underground realms.

Dwarven the gutteral language of the dwarves.

Halfling the language of halflings, very similar to the human tongue.

Gnome the language of gnomes, related to sylvan and human.

Orcan the harsh language spoken by many evil humanoids and monstrous creatures.

Goblin the rapid speach of goblins is a mixture of orcan and elven.

Giant the modern language of giants is descended from ancient yogothian.

Aquan the native language of the elemental plane of water.

Auran  the native language of the elemental plane of air.

Ignan  the native language of the elemental plane of fire.

Terran the native language of the elemental plane of earth.

Infernal the language of Hell.

Abyssal the language of the lower planes.

Celestial the language of the upper planes.

Sylvan the language of fey and faerie folk.

Yogothian the ancient language of aberations, aliens and things from Beyond.

Draconic the ancient language of dragons.  Though many scholars learn to read draconic, the prononciation of this dead language has been lost to time.

Atma Sign Language the secret hand language of the Greenblood Assassins.

Druidic the secret language of the druids.

Elven Sign Language an elegant language of dance-like gestures, often learned by human performers. Taught at Symonet Bard College.

Betugu the language of an ancient empire, still spoken by amazons, lizarfolk, and snakefolk.