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The Town of Hikory

        Legend has it that a long forgotten people built a great city of cyclopean stone at the edge of the Middle Sea. The inhabitants disappeared long ago and the site lay abandoned for eons until 160 OMC when the Cyonian Empire founded the outpost of Velba, which flourished for two centuries until being sacked by Uthu barbarians in 373 OMC. In 112 DC an exiled Philian noble claimed the ruins for himself and a ramshackle town of smugglers and outlaws grew into the town of Hikory. Now Hikory is a bustling frontier town, known for its smugglers, pirates and thieves, ruled by King Aimo and Queen Lesanna Lahaye. The Tower of Sorcery in Hikory is a new school of the arcane arts, built shortly after Aimo took the throne. The Sorceresses of Hikory are viewed as dangerous renegades by the Mage's Guild of the Shrouded League. Ruins of the previous settlements beneath town are frequented by adventurers and thieves and fights between rival gangs and cults are common in the dark tunnels of the undercity.

        North of Hikory lie the mountains of Redrock, infested by tribes of feral goblins. In the forest northeast of Hikory, hides Gnome Town, a network of caves hidden beneath the hills. The gnomes conduct a healthy trade with Hikory in jewelry, shoes, hats and other decorative accessories. Breac shoes are considered top line woman's fashion in Hikory. Southwest near the shore of the sea lies an Uthu village of huts built on top pilings to keep dry from the marshy land. Dense uncharted forest stretches to the west, nestled against the Redrock Mountains, hiding countless ancient ruins and forgotten treasures of the elves. Legend has it a powerful sorceress buried her magical secrets in vaults beneath a tower, deep in the forest. The forest is a dangerous place, known to be filled with a variety of monstrous plants. Near the edge of the forest, a mountain stream feeds a clear crystal pool surrounded by and ancient ring of standing stones where the local druids gather to venerate Phoebe. East of Hikory lies the Ogre Hills and the Duchies beyond. Hikory wraps around the Bay of Eels to the south, bringing much trade and wealth to the city.

Lahaye Royal Court

  1. King Aimo Lahaye
  2. Queen Lesanna Lahaye
  3. Princess Alina Lahaye
  4. High Sorceress Fiona Vallotton
  5. Deacon Claudius
  6. Duke Ancell Rochet
  7. Afet
  8. Countess Lascalla Zaspery
  9. Sir Alphonse Mirabeau
  10. Sir Samuael Mirabeau
  11. Sir Mathis Mirabeau
  12. Frederic Mirabeau
  13. Gilbert Rochet
  14. Karine Lelain
  15. Bastien Lelain
  16. Hector Rochet
  17. Clarise Rochet
  18. Gustave Lelain
  19. Sophia Mirabeau
  20. Achille Rochet
  21. Lord Theophilus Holderhelm
  22. Cautinia “Cat” Bhreac
  23. Marquis Edouard Verhaeren
  24. Captain Orso
  25. Sir Marcus Lelain
  26. Capucine Lelain
  27. Sir Bruno Rochet
  28. Acacia Cazal
  29. Lady Ivanna Rochet
  30. Lady Eloise Lelain
  31. Ambrette Mirabeau
  32. Nicole Lelain
  33. Joseph Lelain

The primal forests of the Darkwoods are home to vicious tribes of humanoids. Orcs, bullywugs, ogres and degenerate human cultists. Any outsider foolish enough to wander into the woods is likely to find themselves in one of their cookpots. Skulls impaled on sharpened stakes decorate the edge of the woods, a grisly reminder of the fate of those foolish enough to wander into this ancient forest.